Monday, July 6, 2009

War Eagle Mill and War Eagle Bridge

War Eagle Mill is located 13 miles East of Rogers, Arkansas, off of Highway 12 The first War Eagle Mill was built in 1832 by Sylvanus & Catherine Blackburn
The first mill was washed away by a flood in 1848 but later rebuilt
The second Mill was destroyed two days before the Civil War battle of Pea Ridge by Confederate forces to keep the Mill out of the hands of the Union Army.
The third Mill was rebuilt in 1873 but burned down in 1924
The current Mill was rebuilt in 1973 and was based on the design of the third Mill
War Eagle Mill is the only working Mill in Arkansas.
The 18 foot Cypress Waterwheel is the only undershoot
waterwheel in operation in the United States.
On the third floor of the Mill is the "Bean Palace" Restaurant serving beans and cornbread made from meal ground on site.
War Eagle is also the site of a Spring and Fall Craft Fair located on the grounds
of the former Blackburn farm.
The fair draws an average of 300 exhibitors and 130,000 visitors. The fair generates over $1,000,000 in sales.
Plaque commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the War Eagle Bridge.
Grinding area inside Mill
The Mill offers many products for sale. They even sell mixes for bread machines!
The Mill sells more than just ground meal.
Some dilapidated buildings are next door to the Mill which are quite picturesque.
Abandoned building near War Eagle Mill.
War Eagle Mill is located in Benton County on Highway 98.
Picture of the undershot waterwheel.
Close up of the Waterwheel.
The War Eagle Bridge is a Through Truss Bridge which was built in 1907.
Waters flow over the War Eagle Dam
Following their defeat at the battle of Pea Ridge, some of the confederate army troops filed past the War Eagle site in 1862.
The bridge was built by the Illinois Steel Bridge Company of Jacksonville, Illinois. The bridge is 304.1 feet long, has a deck width of 15 feet and daily average traffic of 118 vehicles.
View through the grindstone
Flowers decorate the landscape surrounding the Mill
For more information on the Mill, visit their website located at

War Eagle Cave

Entrance to War Eagle Cave in Withrow Springs State Park
Chuck and Wiley contemplate going splunkingInside the cave looking out Further in.... Water from the spring runs through the cave before making its way to the River
Surviving the adventure

Sunset near Huntsville, Arkansas

Some untouched pictures of a sunset we saw while staying in Withrow Springs State Park.