Thursday, July 9, 2009

Northwest Arkansas Scenery

Even though it rained one day, the scenery was beautiful. We were
amazed at all the wildflowers we saw as we roamed.
Misty mountains and Queen Anne's Lace.
The foggy mountains were shades of grey and tourquoise.
The rain as it approached near Possum Trot, Arkansas.
Chuck in his yellow slicker.
Our dog Wiley as he patiently waits for the rain to let up.
We stumbled across this small roadside park, likely built in the 1960's.
The rock overhang looked like cooled lava.
There is also a small spring under the cliff.
We saw this lovely home in Huntsville, Arkansas. The house looked like
it could date from the civil war era.
Also in Huntsville we spied this very large yard art.
Old Ferris Wheel.
Around 450 Elk have been reintroduced around the Buffalo River.
However, we didn't see any.
Trumpet vine on tree.
Ozark Mountain View.
Snapping turtle, who refused to be rescued from the Highway, covered in mud and worms.

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